I've decided that I like this wiki.

I mean it's fine to just go on a Memo with a character in mind and just play them in the way that seems natural. In most cases, it works fine - Obviously you get the occassional sue or just plain bad character due to lack of thought and/or development, but it usually works.

But wikis like this encourage thought and imagination. They make you think hard about your characters, their past, their personality, their flaws, everything.

And that's good! Incredibly good. It makes a character interesting to roleplay, and interesting to roleplay WITH. The latter being arguably just as important as the former.

It was a great idea to link this wiki in the memo introduction passage. I didn't even know of it for quite a while, so new people seeing it right off the bat is fantastic. I hope more people are encouraged, now, to come along and do a decent write-up of their characters, or at least some basic bits and pieces.

Good job, everyone. Let's get this wiki rolling By