Maxi Remale


Knight of Mind


16 Earth years



Typing Style

Full grammar and syntax, uses British spellings.


Wii Remote

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Queue/Stack - He can captchalogue any items he chooses provided they will fit in the Captchalogue Card, and they then get added to the top of a pile. However, he can only remove items from the top or bottom of the pile.


DifferentTurret - Matesprit (former), AtomicGenocide - Palecrush


Land of Brains and Oceans



Maxi Remale, also known by his chumhandle unknownKinsman, is a Human. His shirt bears a Wii Remote. The initials of his chumhandle reflect where on his home planet he resides.


Maxi was, and is, a normal teenager who just so happens to use this online messenger client called Pesterchum, with which he may or may not talk to aliens from another universe.

He uses the Trolls' relationship quadrants following an unfortunate series of events involving the infamous magic anon.


Maxi tends to be friendly towards everyone, if a little cynical-seeming or awkward initially.


He was friends, or at least acquaintances with the majority of the regulars in #TRUTH_OR_DARE_FOREVER. Lately, however, he has been away from the memo and thus is unfamiliar with some of the current users.

He was formerly the Matesprit of DifferentTurret, before her character 'reset' and she lost all memory of their relationship. He has also had a pale crush on AtomicGenocide for some time, but it has been unrequited due to her having already filled that quadrant.


He lives with his parents and younger sister.

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