Reibael Leuforix




~10 solar sweeps. (20 Human years)



Typing Style

Replaces b with 6 and g with 9. Normal syntax.


Merged theta and sigma symbols.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Brainfuck library - items are resorted randomly each time this modus is used. Item can only be used after solving equation.







Reibael Leuforix, who is not so widely known as nebulosaSomnium, is a female of Troll species. Her typing quirk is meant to represent a merged version of the Theta and Sigma - which is a reference to the Sufferer's symbol, and is meant to represent this Troll's belonging to the pre-scratch universe A. She types in green and her name was given by a random name generator. Blergh.


Reibael hatched as a Greenblooded grub who lived a lovely life etc. Not much can be said without speculating about how Alternia was pre-scratch.

She was in a research party of practical use of wormholes that was done quite far away from the planet, so by being stuck in a worm hole she survived the reset.

Since the new session was created instead and it was not welcoming her in, she got stuck in the space between sessions, and is stuck in... A dream bubble. A dream bubble with a connection to a reality(?) wide network.

/*2o much bull2hiit.*/


She is usually calm and rational. Her profession and life style allows her to know a lot of small facts but she talks freely only when topic is relative to her hobbies/profession. She is quick to get tierd of bullshit. If annoyed by others she uses apprehensive behaviour such as sarcasm. A lot of it.


Quick crappy art. Just for fun of it.


Hello friends, hello lovers and e.t.c! Now say hello to scratch.

No relationships in existance for now.


Her Lusus was a penguin which was alive until Leuforix reached age of 8 solar sweeps. It tragically died after protecting his charge from uncool death under falling tree.


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