Veltra Draka
Gгeetiиgs, comгade! Чoш is?


Mage Of Blood


8 Alternian solar sweeps




Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus





Land of Nether and Colosseums


Beyond the Colosseum


Speaks in somewhat broken English, and replaces the letters "n k h r w" with "и к ч г ш". Uses Proper punctuation and grammar; British spellings.

Veltra Draka, also known as blindWarlock, is a Troll with poor eyesight who lives in a vast cave system underground.


Veltra lives deep in the caves with his Lusus, a crazed Illithid. The Illithid is very slow moving and hardly pays attention to Veltra or his associates. He does the bare minimum work as to not get culled. Veltra hates the caste system and will always come to the defense of anyone being oppressed. He speaks of a communist Alternia, one free of class and economic issues.


Despite being of higher blood, Veltra is a very calm and reserved person. He only reacts negatively to things he describes as "lewd" and will generally be quite embarrassed about the situation. He has been known to, on rare occasion, consume Sopor Slime. Under it's influence, his eyes dilate slightly faster. He will make quick friends with anyone who enjoys Slime or other "light drugs".

His EyesEdit

His eyes absorb too much light and dilate poorly. As a result, he can only see in darkness or when he is in a room that has consistent lighting and he is in it for an extended period of time. In well lit rooms he sees only blank whiteness. Because he lives in pitch black caves, he has no need for a cane and never carries one. When he enters a room he will ask for assistance to find a seat.

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